Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Release Date Confirmed

Release date:
NA: February 11, 2014
EU: February 14, 2014

I had just finished Final Fantasy XIII-2 about two months ago and I’ve been craving for the third game to release ever since. In my opinion, XIII-2 was better than XIII in many ways and the story wasn’t completed; which pretty much signified to me that there was going to be a third game in the works (which I hadn’t known prior to finishing XIII-2).

Earlier today, the E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) trailer for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII was released and after watching it, I’m pretty excited. Lightning is now the main character, as we all probably anticipated, and we also see some of the same characters from the previous games who will definitely make their presence felt in this game; particularly, Serah (whoa there, didn’t she… never mind, too big of a spoiler for those of you who didn’t play XIII-2!), Noel, and Snow. ┬áThere’s nothing that says that Sazh, Vanille, Fang and Hope will be of major significance (which actually surprises me, Hope was one of the more important characters in XIII-2). Though, maybe they’ll surprise me. Vanille and Fang are pretty important too but they didn’t do much in XIII-2. Maybe in this game, that’ll change?

However, while Serah, Noel and Snow are confirmed to be in this game, it looks as if there has been some kind of twist at some point between the events prior to Lightning Returns and the events after XIII-2. I can’t even decipher what may have happened because the ending of XIII-2 didn’t really hint at anything regarding what I’ve seen in the trailer. Along with the major shift in events, the settings look a whole lot different from what they were in the first two prequels and it actually looks a whole lot like Final Fantasy X, in my opinion. If you’ll notice, it looks like they’ve strayed away (in some parts, at least) from the futuristic settings and added some modern-looking settings. Though there’s still some futuristic settings I could point out in the trailer, some other settings really reminded me of previous Final Fantasy games. I was particularly excited seeing the gameplay in a dessert, as well as seeing Lightning run around in some more modern-looking cities (vs. a futuristic city like Academia).

Besides that, the graphics have stayed the same, and there’s no much else I can analyze about it, besides the fact that Lightning is back~!

The trailer hinted that this would be the “final act.” So the Final Fantasy XIII series ends here. Looking forward to it! Only about an eight month wait, though…