How To Achieve Your Goals: 10 Influencers Share Their Best Tips

How To Achieve Your Goals

In my pursuit for startup education and opportunities to add value to others, I managed to land an internship last year, where I am helping to grow the email and social media following of one of the more well-known authorities in the tech and start-up space: Nir Eyal.

It was July 14th when I did my usual morning commute to the 99Gamers office. I always take Caltrain, so I have the luxury of using my laptop on-the-go to do stuff like, well, writing this article.

That day I had an epiphany while reading an article on how content goes viral: people love valuable content.
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My Biggest Life Lessons of 2015

Biggest Life Lessons of 2015

To put some context behind this post, I began investing in myself near the end of 2014 in the form of books, podcasts, YouTube videos, and blogs. Reason being is that I felt I could be more than just a software developer that builds apps for a living.

I didn’t want to just build web and mobile apps. There’s more to do in life than sit or stand at a desk writing code for 40 hours a week.

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A Gamer’s Ultimate Guide to Productivity [Greatest Hits Edition]

Productivity - Disgaea 5
Credit: Game Informer

Note: This article is an extension of a popular productivity article I wrote on LinkedIn and The Coffeelicious, and is catered towards you: the gamer.

I take it that if you clicked on this article, you want to become a more productive gamer. So, keep on reading.

I’ll be sharing 10 productivity tips that are helping me be more efficient in my work and have allowed me to take on extra commitments; all while still enjoying what I love the most: family and friends, blogging, WWE, basketball, anime, and gaming.

When implemented, these productivity tips will benefit anybody, including you.

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Gamers, What Do You Want With Your Life?

Gamers, What Do You Want With Your Life?
Credit: Somewhere on Google Images.

This article was also posted on my New Game+ Magazine publication on Medium.

One of my goals as a gamer and blogger is to help other gamers realize their potential. You can define “potential” in whichever way you want: personal potential, professional potential, or both. As a fellow gamer who’s ambitious and constantly working on my physical and mental health, and working towards massive professional success, I can speak on both topics.

One problem that I once faced as a gamer in high school and college was a lack of direction. While I had an idea of what I wanted to do with my life and career, I was not clear about it nor sold on it. “I want to make video games” was something I always told myself and others. While that’s a goal that’s still on the back of my mind, that’s not really what I want to do at this moment anymore.

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Increasing Productivity By Habit: A Brief On Planning Our Days

Photo credit:
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This article is the first in a series of articles discussing the productivity tips that have worked for others and that I have implemented into my life.

Before I discuss one action that has helped me increase my productivity, I’d like to first define what productivity means to me. Productivity is the concept of creating an impeccable system of habits that we live by in order maximize the time we have, and multiply our results so that we constantly move closer towards our personal and professional goals. By creating a system, we not only achieve more today, but we also create more time tomorrow. By this definition, I don’t mistake productivity for being busy.

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Productivity Tips: 5 Simple Productivity Practices That Help Me Achieve More

Productivity Tips

For the past 8 months, I’ve been a student of productivity and general self improvement. While learning from my life-success mentors and implementing what they teach, I’ve been able to make this the most productive and fulfilling year in my life, and we’re only 6 and a half months into the year!

As we all may realize, there’s so much we want to achieve and work towards in life, but we can’t achieve more unless we change our habits. We’d be insane if we kept trying to do the same thing over, and over, and over again and expected different results.

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3 – On the Quest for a Passive Income

Miracle Morning #69
Date: Tuesday, 6/9/2015
Time I slept: ~10:00 PM
Time I woke up: 4:30 AM

What’s up everybody! This post is the third in the A Software Engineer’s Journey to 7-Figures series, where I share my personal and professional journey towards a 7-figure income. To read my previous post, see below:

2 – The Mindset Shift – Becoming a #GameChanger

As I share my journey with you, I aim to be as authentic and transparent as I possibly can, in order to make it more enjoyable for us and so that we all realize what massive effort, struggle, and time it takes to gain extraordinary results. In fact, in order to achieve as much transparency as possible, I made an account on Complete last week. Feel free to give me a follow if you’d like to keep up with the tasks of my every day life as a software engineer, gamer, otaku, WWE fan, baller… and tons of other titles I like to give myself!

Before I begin, I’d like to repeat that at the end of each post, I will share a resource for you to take away and learn from. Each resource will be one that has had an impact on my personal and professional life. If you check the resource out, I would love to hear your thoughts about it! Feel free to post a comment with anything from your thoughts, to the best tip(s) you took away from it.

Anyways, here is where I (finally!) brief upon passive income

Imagine a lifestyle in which you earn money 24/7. A lifestyle in which you no longer trade time for money. A lifestyle in which you are home with your loving and supportive family. A lifestyle in which you are with your beautiful significant other, playing together with your kids at their favorite playground. A lifestyle in which you enjoy vacations to Japan, or Hawaii, at any time. A lifestyle in which you can invest in your current or future children’s educations, in cash. No credit cards. No debt. No financial worries. A lifestyle in which you generously invest in those around you and their dreams, dreams that are or aren’t like yours or mine. A lifestyle in which you live life on your own terms.

Imagine your bank account growing as you’re driving home from your office (or in many cases, taking public transportation like I am). Imagine it growing as you’re laughing with your family at the dinner table. Imagine it growing as you’re sleeping! 

To me, that’s what passive income is: earning money through one or more streams that don’t require your time. It’s that simple. 

Of course, if we look at this concept with a critical eye, there’s absolutely no way we can believe anybody who says “you can make money without having to work!” Technically, that person is right. But realistically, that person is wrong.

Here’s what I mean: in order to achieve a passive income, we have to invest an extraordinary amount of time. But we must understand that it’s exactly that time investment that will create not only more time for us in the future, but more money via one or more streams of income. Through extraordinary time investments, we can focus on building one stream at a time that will net us a constantly increasing passive income. The trick here is to invest our time into our work now, so that we don’t have to invest our time into work for the rest of our lives. 

Here’s are some simple examples, all of which can be accomplished before and after our day jobs:

For my fellow developers: let’s invest the next 12 months into making that app, so that we can send it to the App Store/Google Play and passively earn money through app/in-app purchases.

For my fellow writers: let’s invest the next 12 months into writing that book, so that we can get it onto Amazon and into stores and passively earn money through book sales. And realize, we can also publish an eBook and record an audiobook. That’s already 3 extra streams of income for us! 

For my fellow gamers: let’s invest the time now to learn how to earn money for playing video games. (Twitch, YouTube partnerships, starting a blog, etc.)

For my fellow anime watchers: let’s invest the time now to learn how to earn money for watching anime. (YouTube partnerships, starting a blog, etc.)

For the rest of us: let’s invest the next 12 months into that idea we have in our heads now (after thinking it through!).

There are countless opportunities for generating a passive income. And I realize that we might not all have the mindset to “work” towards a passive income. But I want to challenge our thoughts a little bit, just in case I can spark a fire within us.

Why not pursue at least one more stream of income? Why not earn money through what we love to do outside of our day/night jobs? Why not earn more money so that we can later provide the best for our families?

If we do it right, we won’t have to view the journey as “work”, or another “job”. If we do it right, it becomes much easier to work on building something out of what we love to do. And if we do it right, we won’t have to allow it to interfere with our family, friends, hobbies, and current jobs. In fact, if we do it right, it will be enjoyable! If we’re smart with how we manage our mental and physical well-being, and how to invest and multiply our time, we can still make time to do what we love to do the most. So, what I’m trying to say is, we can strive for a goal like this while still enjoying the life we currently have.

To achieve a passive income, the only thing we have to invest right now is time. But as I said, if we invest the time now, we don’t have to invest the time later.

In the next two posts, I will share my “Vision Wall” and my 10-year life plan towards a 7-figure income and a fulfilling life. I will also brief over the best productivity tips I have learned from my mentors (and best-selling authors!) Peter Voogd, Hal Elrod, and Rory Vaden. Stay tuned on Twitter, and until the next post, have a good one! 

P.S: If passive income interests you, there’s no better person to hear it from than the man who’s been writing and speaking on passive income for years: Pat Flynn. I am sharing below a podcast episode between him and Hal Elrod, both whom I really admire from afar. Share in the comments below what you took away from it, and what ideas you have for generating a passive income! I’d love to hear about what’s in your future!

Creating a 7-Figure Income Stream – Achieve Your Goals Podcast

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