What We’ve All Been Hoping For: Game 7 – Pacers @ Heat

Credit: nba
Credit: nba

Or at least, that’s what MOST of us were hoping for in Game 6, right?

At this stage of the series, I still find it hard to figure out which team I’m actually rooting for. I saw the outcome that I was hoping for in Game 6 where the Pacers brought it back to Miami for a Game 7, and as an NBA fan I’m pretty satisfied. But this time I’m gonna have to set aside some time to actually watch Game 7, because honestly I haven’t watched much of this series. Looks like I’m not watching any WWE Monday Night Raw tomorrow.

As far as Game 7 goes, let’s take a quick look at a couple quick statistics:

– At home, the Heat were 37-4 in the regular season. In the post season, they’re 6-2 (2-1 vs. the Pacers).
– On the road, the Pacers were 19-21 in the regular season. In the post season, they’re 3-6 (1-2 vs. the Heat).

At best, the Pacers were an above average team in the regular season (with 8 other teams having more wins on the road); but even then, the Heat had the 2nd best home record this season behind the Denver Nuggets.

So, will the Heat’s dominance at home matter, especially vs. the Pacers’ performance on the road all season? With the exception of the 11 point loss @ Miami in Game 5, the Pacers have matched up pretty well with the Miami Heat on their own home turf. And now that they’ve managed to contain Wade and Bosh the past few games, I think the Pacers are in at a chance to stun the Miami Heat. With West and George being consistent as they’ve been (for the most part), and Hibbert playing like the best Center in the NBA, I think we’re in for a really close Game 7. Or at least I hope so, I’d be pretty embarrassed to give this prediction only to see this next game won in blowout fashion (especially by the Heat LOL).

Paul George vs. LeBron James
The Pacers need a complete game from George to stand a chance in Game 7.

Though, in order for it to be close at all (because there’s no way the Pacers are gonna blow out the Heat again, especially if they’re at AmericanAirlines Arena), EVERYONE in the Pacers’ starting line-up have to show up. I don’t even consider the bench (with the exception of Tyler Hansbrough and maybe D.J. Augustin) to be of much significance. It’s gonna be all about the starters this game and to me, the one who faces the most pressure in this final game is Paul George. If he can contain LeBron James the best he can and explode like he did in the last two games, the Pacers got this in the bag. But that’s, of course, if everyone else shows up too. If we even see an off-game from George in this last game (much like his Game 3 and 4 showings), the Pacers can kiss their trip to the NBA Finals goodbye.

You can probably imagine who I might be rooting for now. Pacers, you’re the underdog; let’s see you give everyone what they want and pull off a huge upset in Game 7. It’s win or go home.