A Gamer’s Confession

A Gamer's Confession
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I consider myself a gamer. I’ve been a gamer ever since I was, 4 years old maybe? I’m not sure exactly. I just know that my older bro occasionally brings up the story of how I would stop crying as a baby only when he gave me the Super Nintendo controller to jump Goombas in Super Mario World.

I love video games as much as the next gamer. I have a huge collection of Xbox 360 games; it has enough games that I feel that I’d be bragging if I listed them all. I have a decently sized collection of Nintendo 3DS and DS games. I have some PC Games: Guild Wars 2, Diablo III, Final Fantasy VII, and Final Fantasy XIV. And I have a couple of gaming consoles that I don’t play as much with: the Xbox One and the Nintendo DS Lite.

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Gamers, What Do You Want With Your Life?

Gamers, What Do You Want With Your Life?
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This article was also posted on my New Game+ Magazine publication on Medium.

One of my goals as a gamer and blogger is to help other gamers realize their potential. You can define “potential” in whichever way you want: personal potential, professional potential, or both. As a fellow gamer who’s ambitious and constantly working on my physical and mental health, and working towards massive professional success, I can speak on both topics.

One problem that I once faced as a gamer in high school and college was a lack of direction. While I had an idea of what I wanted to do with my life and career, I was not clear about it nor sold on it. “I want to make video games” was something I always told myself and others. While that’s a goal that’s still on the back of my mind, that’s not really what I want to do at this moment anymore.

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Gaming and Positivity: The Massive Disconnect

Gaming and Positivity - Super Mario

Gaming and positivity. Ever heard of that concept before? No? Well, that’s because I just created it. Actually, you probably have, and if so, I’m here to be another voice on that topic.

As a gamer myself, there’s one thing in the internet gaming space that really grinds my gears. And it’s as simple as this:

So many gamers are so damn negative.

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Game Deals (FFVIII and Tales of Vesperia)

(Taken from CAG Twitter feed)

If anyone is into RPGs, it’s definitely worth a look to check out Final Fantasy VIII and Tales of Vesperia, especially at the current posted prices!

Final Fantasy VIII ($6 with promo code GFDJAN25) – PC Download

Tales of Vesperia – $4.94 for Xbox Gold Members


I’ve played both games and Tales of Vesperia is especially a steal at $4.94. Get both while you can.


Video Game Guides, Reviews, and Forums – Hyakki’s Corner

Everyone please check out this new gaming website I’ve been working on: www.hyakkiscorner.com! If you can take a moment and bookmark the site and register on it, I would be eternally grateful for your support. We focus on writing video game reviews and guides, and provide user interactivity through forums and article discussions. So please check it out!



Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Release Date Confirmed

Release date:
NA: February 11, 2014
EU: February 14, 2014

I had just finished Final Fantasy XIII-2 about two months ago and I’ve been craving for the third game to release ever since. In my opinion, XIII-2 was better than XIII in many ways and the story wasn’t completed; which pretty much signified to me that there was going to be a third game in the works (which I hadn’t known prior to finishing XIII-2).

Earlier today, the E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) trailer for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII was released and after watching it, I’m pretty excited. Lightning is now the main character, as we all probably anticipated, and we also see some of the same characters from the previous games who will definitely make their presence felt in this game; particularly, Serah (whoa there, didn’t she… never mind, too big of a spoiler for those of you who didn’t play XIII-2!), Noel, and Snow.  There’s nothing that says that Sazh, Vanille, Fang and Hope will be of major significance (which actually surprises me, Hope was one of the more important characters in XIII-2). Though, maybe they’ll surprise me. Vanille and Fang are pretty important too but they didn’t do much in XIII-2. Maybe in this game, that’ll change?

However, while Serah, Noel and Snow are confirmed to be in this game, it looks as if there has been some kind of twist at some point between the events prior to Lightning Returns and the events after XIII-2. I can’t even decipher what may have happened because the ending of XIII-2 didn’t really hint at anything regarding what I’ve seen in the trailer. Along with the major shift in events, the settings look a whole lot different from what they were in the first two prequels and it actually looks a whole lot like Final Fantasy X, in my opinion. If you’ll notice, it looks like they’ve strayed away (in some parts, at least) from the futuristic settings and added some modern-looking settings. Though there’s still some futuristic settings I could point out in the trailer, some other settings really reminded me of previous Final Fantasy games. I was particularly excited seeing the gameplay in a dessert, as well as seeing Lightning run around in some more modern-looking cities (vs. a futuristic city like Academia).

Besides that, the graphics have stayed the same, and there’s no much else I can analyze about it, besides the fact that Lightning is back~!

The trailer hinted that this would be the “final act.” So the Final Fantasy XIII series ends here. Looking forward to it! Only about an eight month wait, though…

Fanime and Computer Science

It’s probably been about three weeks or so since summer break started. I’ve had a pretty good one so far. I already accomplished a lot, I guess I could say. I’m watching more anime, I’ve been writing programs, I’m building a website, I’m blogging lol, and all at the same time I’ve been able to spend some time with friends and family.

Ash & Tifa
Me (Ash Ketchum) with a Tifa cosplayer

I’ll begin with Fanime. This year’s FanimeCon in San Jose was the first one I’ve ever been to, and I was pretty excited, and overwhelmed I suppose. I thought I was a real nerd, but seeing everyone at the convention in their awesome cosplays and such actually made me feel out of place. I hadn’t watched a whole lot of anime prior to the convention so my knowledge on everything  was pretty much non-existent compared to everyone else; there is no way I would be able to hold any kind of intelligent conversation with anyone there, but regardless I got used to the vibe after a while. I had my friends and cousin show up so we had fun walking around and seeing everything. I even had some fun watching the Stage Zero events; I kinda wish I participated in the cosplay drawing contest. By the way, I cosplayed as Ash Ketchum, and compared to all the cosplayers over at Fanime, I was pretty damn confident that my cosplay looked just as legit as everyone else’s!

Along with my going to Fanime and watching my friends graduate, I’ve written some programs already. Two of them were written in Java and they’re desktop apps that rename your directories/files in bunches for you (so you don’t have to do it manually for each directory/file), and one counts how many files of a certain format you have on your desktop. Now, especially for the first program, you might be wondering how useful that might be. Well, for those of you that watch anime, you have a lot of unnecessary junk written in the beginning and/or end of each file/direcotry name, right? That program is EXACTLY what it’s for. The only thing is, I have to modify my programs and turn them into interfaces rather than have them execute fully through text. After that’s accomplished, I hope I can publish them as apps that people can use so I can say that I’ve made some apps at some point in my life.

My Website
Current color scheme of our website

And together with those programs, I’ve been working on a website project for the past two weeks or so. This is the current look of the homepage, and as you can see there’s still a lot of work to be done. But it’s making progress! If any of you viewers would like to give any feedback on the color scheme and such, then feel free to comment (or those of you who link to here through my Facebook or Twitter, just message me :P). I would greatly appreciate a lot of feedback because in order for this website to be successful, it has to attract viewers (much like any other website). Also, ignore the black text please. That’s just there for testing purposes.

Having said that, it’s pretty much a website dedicated to video game reviews and guides written by me and a friend of mine, but there’s no content published as of right now. The website will even allow for gamers to interact with each other through forums and chat rooms, and watch video streams conducted by the administrators. At the moment we’re collaborating with each other to decide what designs, color schemes, features, etc etc would look good on our finished product. For individual projects, I’m developing the website (the design, and the client/server-side related stuff), and he is writing the content. Whenever this website is officially done, I’ll be sure to have a link to it on here. In the future, we may even allow for a section dedicated to anime discussion and reviews as well.

As far as updates go on the blog, be on the lookout for another anime review soon. I already made one for Angel Beats! as you probably saw, the next one will be a review on Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai!