AuditFile Software Developer


  • Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, HAML, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, MySQL
  • Start Date: July 1, 2014
  • Description: Developing efficient auditing software for CPAs

Hyakki’s Corner Full Stack Web Developer, Graphic Designer, Content Manager

  • Hyakki's Corner HomeTechnologies: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, SQL, MySQL
  • Start Date: May 2013
  • Description: Website for video game reviews, guides, and user interactions through forums
  • Approximate Time for Development: 4 months
  • Note: Optimized for search engines.

VGDB – The Online Video Game Database Full Stack Web Developer


  • Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, PHP, SQL/MySQL, Python
  • Start Date: October 2013
  • Description: Allows viewers to search for information on specific video games, as well as interact with those games through comments, ratings, and favorites
  • Approximate Time for Development: 2-3 weeks

Wix Web Application – Twitter SaysFull Stack Web Developer

  • Widget: http://www.cs.usfca.edu/~jpbullalayao/WixApps/TwitterSays/Widget.php
  • Settings: http://www.cs.usfca.edu/~jpbullalayao/WixApps/TwitterSays/Settings.php
  • Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript, Twitter API, Wix UI Library
  • Start Date: March 2014
  • Description: An interactive Twitter feed widget to be published on the Wix App Market
  • Note: Project still in progress.

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