How to Prevent Skype from Lowering Your Sound

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The dreaded inconvenience of Skype (or your operating system, actually). Ever had that problem where if someone calls you on skype, it almost mutes the rest of the sound on your PC? If someone decides to call you while you’re listening to your music, you’re probably … yeah, let’s not go there. But it’s annoying right? Have you also tried to figure out how to stop Skype from automatically lowering the rest of the sound on your PC, but couldn’t figure out how? There’s absolutely no signs of it anywhere in the Skype configuration, and only god knows why I couldn’t find the answer on Google.

But alas, if you’re reading this, you did Google for the answer, and the answer is right here in this post for you (at least, for Windows 8 users. But I’m pretty sure it works for other Windows users as well, and the same concept might be the same for Macs.

I’ll be speaking in a Windows perspective here. So if you’re a Mac user, you can follow along but the directions won’t be the same. And I’m pretty sure if you follow along the same concept, you’ll be able to find the solution. I happened to stumble upon the solution while messing around with my new Windows 8 PC. But anyways.

Recording Devices

Basically, if you’re a windows user, go to your Taskbar (usually the bar on the bottom that holds your important application tabs) and look for your Speaker icon. Right click on it and select “Recording devices.” In this menu, go to the tab called “Communications” and WA-BAM, click on “Do Nothing.” This essentially stops¬†Windows¬†from lowering your music when it detects a communications application that’s gonna be in use (in this case, Skype). And walah, you’re done!

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