Jourdan Bul-lalayaoYoo! I’m Jourdan Bul-lalayao and I’m an alumnus from the University of San Francisco (2014) with a bachelor’s in computer science. I love start-ups (especially Product Hunt and CareerDean), I’m a software engineer and I also do growth work for Nir Eyal. I take huge strides to become a more well-rounded individual by doing the things I love: networking, making websites, writing, learning Japanese, watching wrestling, playing basketball, and expanding my knowledge on entrepreneurship, video games and anime.

I’m a really ambitious kid, and it’s my goal right now to provide as much value as I possibly can to you. Currently, my focus is on the gaming audience, and how gamers can be more healthy, productive, and fulfilled while still enjoying the gaming hobby they love to do. I believe I’m an authority on this topic because I’m a gamer, but I also make time and make a commitment to personal growth and I’m always building towards a very fulfilling and results-oriented life.

Please feel free to follow me while I’m on my journey to provide value to all gamers around the world. I also want to accomplish the following:

  1. Build a personal growth and gaming brand, which includes a publication and podcast
  2. Build my personal brand
  3. Build this blog
  4. Write my first book
  5. Do my first speech
  6. Create multiple streams of income (currently at 4)
  7. And many other things!

Looking forward to having you with me on this journey! Follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! If you tweet me @JourdanB21 and tell me that you found me through my blog, I’d be very happy to give you a follow back :).

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  1. Glenn Gabriel December 17, 2015 / 6:53 am

    Hi Jourdan,

    I’m Glenn. I found you through one of your Medium articles, “What I Would Do With My Life If I Couldn’t Fail” and its become one of my favorites. I’m reaching out to you because I’m curating a blog that focuses on the creative entrepreneurial spirit within, creating a life out of purpose and the life lessons uncovered by individuals like yourself. I believe that your piece fully speaks this focus.

    I’d love to feature your writing on my blog and give you full credit/attribution/social media blast etc. I know our audience will find it incredibly valuable.

    The blog is http://www.areualive.com. We used to be a music blog but the new initiative for 2016 will be to empower more individuals to live their lives through their passions. I’ll also be starting a podcast that reflects this. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

    Thanks and have a great Holiday!

    Glenn Gabriel

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