Articles And Projects For 2016

Articles And Projects For 2016

I wanted to check-in really quick to briefly outline what my blog is going to cover in 2016. With the New Year around the corner, I wanted to get an idea even for myself of what direction I want my blog to go in.

I’ll continue writing about my hobbies such as video gaming and anime, but I also want to start writing more about tech and startups; basically, I want to write more articles that are actionable and would prove to be useful for anyone who’s in my field and shares the same nerdy interests as me.

I will also start a “A Casual’s Review” series, where I’ll be writing reviews for video games and anime from a casual’s perspective.

In addition, I’ll also be working on a book project, which will be for the computer science majors.

Here’s the outline!

Note: Some articles tend to be spontaneously written and may not currently be planned :)

Each article will be posted in one or more of the following platforms:
– My blog
LinkedIn Pulse
Life Learning (Medium Publication)
Personal Growth (Medium Publication)
The Coffeelicious (Medium Publication)
New Game+ Magazine (Medium Publication)
Huffington Post
ThinkApps Blog
Facebook Notes

January 2016
– 2016 New Year’s Resolutions
– How To Achieve Your Goals – 10 Influencers Share Their Best Tips
– How To Build A Successful Startup – 10 Founders Share Their Best Tips (Part 1)
– 10 Video Games That I’m Looking Forward To Playing in 2016
– Anime That I Want To Watch In 2016

February 2016
– My Experience Sitting In The First Row at a WWE Live Event

March 2016
– How To Get Into Y Combinator – YC Partners Share Their Best Tips

May 2016
– Book for CS Majors (Title TBD)
– The Junior Software Engineer’s Guide to Start-ups
– How To Stand Out And Land Your First Start-up Job
– How Computer Science Majors Can Get Ahead During The Summer Break

June 2016
– How To Build A Successful Startup – 10 Founders Share Their Best Tips

December 2016

– My Favorite Video Games of 2016
– My Favorite Anime of 2016
– Top 50 Success Quotes of 2016
– My Biggest Life Lessons of 2016
– How Computer Science Majors Can Get Ahead During The Winter Break

Date TBD
– 10 Features That Would Make Habit-Forming Apps Even More Sticky
– One Punch Man (A Casual’s Review)
– Akame Ga Kill (A Casual’s Review)
– Attack On Titan (A Casual’s Review)
– Digimon Adventure tri. (A Casual’s Review)
– Final Fantasy VII Remake (A Casual’s Review)
– Final Fantasy Type-0 HD (A Casual’s Review)
– 10 Software Tools That Every Tech Startup Should Consider Using

Is there anything in particular that you’d like me to write about? Let me know!

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