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Hello to my followers and the rest of the web community!

It’s been an awesome year and a half since I started my blog. I remember when I began, I was an inexperienced and sheltered 20-year old who didn’t know what the real world was nor what my future was. One day during the summer of 2013, I decided to make this blog. I paid for a domain with the little money I had, and was thrilled with the fact that I could write about my stories and hobbies for the rest of the world to read about. I saw it right then and there: anime, video games, programming and other shenanigans!

I started off by writing about my personal goals, my anime and video game statistics, and reviews. As the weeks went by, I slowly but surely gained views and followers. I was pretty happy that my blog was getting around, but I had an epiphany and realized that I could do just a little bit more to spice up my blog.

I wrote my first few HTML/CSS tutorials, and suddenly the amount of views I received on my blog skyrocketed. From the United States, to India, to China, to Bangladesh, my blog was being found around the world every day. It was at that point that I began focusing on writing more code and software tutorials; and the hits and views kept coming everyday in bunches. I was very happy when I hit the 1,000 views mark, super excited when I hit the 5,000 milestone, and am ecstatic to hit 10,000 soon.

While over 9000 (lol) views isn’t all that impressive, it’s a significantly large number to me and it’s helping me realize what I want to do with my life. One of my personal goals is to connect with others and help young and/or inexperienced students discover their passion, improve their skills and carve out a successful future.

Why not take a step towards that goal by using my blog?

Proper guidance and help is something that I really wanted and needed as a young student at USF, and while I was being prepared for career/life success (thanks, SDS fam :D), I didn’t quite get the help that I needed in order to succeed as a student majoring in computer science. I am very proud to say that I just took the first step in accomplishing my goal by reaching out to my college network to request for help with a website. I’m extremely excited to be speaking with a student who’s interested in gaining experience and taking the lead on the design!

With all that being said, I am writing this blog post to request for your help too. 

I want to continue connecting with others and am eager to start writing new content for my blog again. For my current followers, I will continue to write about the topics that interested you in the first place (such as personal stories, anime and video games). I’d love nothing more than to continue networking with you and building awesome relationships. However, I’d love the continued support as I decide to focus more on writing content that would be helpful for programmers and inexperienced students world-wide.

Some of the new content I’m pondering over are things that any programmer and inexperienced student would benefit from and even love. This would include anything from my own podcast, to tutorial videos, to written tutorials, to start-up stories, to personal stories, and user-recommended content. I would very much appreciate if you took a moment to think about whether or not someone in your network would benefit from my blog. If so, I encourage you to share my blog with your network, and you will have my eternal gratitude for helping me connect with those who want to hear stories and want some guidance.

Stay tuned to your e-mail and/or my blog for my next posts, as I will be discussing what I have planned for new content and asking for feedback.

Feel free to connect with me through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail!

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